Saturday, October 9, 2010

Day 2

So I have to try and work my way back through today because it was quite interesting.

I would first like to thank Marvin and Pam for my ticket to the Picasso Museum.  It's not that I couldn't pay for it, but since Americans are easily spotted overseas we chatted in line.  So big thanks to you all.

The Picasso museum was interesting, I think I am more fond of modern day art, meaning 20th century to the present.  It is very different, even though the greats started the way most artists, did, through still life pics and such

So I got off my city tour bus and what did I see.  A big crowd of people because this dog was barking at this guy, probably because he had drugs.  That's the only reason why I understand a police dog barking at a random person.  Well, this lady starts going off, and SPITS on the police/security guard.  I have no clue which he was because they have police, security and guards.  Before the spitting on the police security guard guy I went to lunch. 

**Let me warn the average traveler, 0.5L of Sangria in Spain is more potent that a Liter of Sangria in the states.  Let's just say, I walked away drunk. 

Touring the city, it was okay, not too many scenic or hisorical things to see however, it was great to get up and not have anywhere to go. 

I think on to the beach tomorrow.

Oh, mixing olive oil with my conditioner was a great deep condition.  For the most part of the day, my hair stayed moisturized and shiny.  LOVE IT!!


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