Friday, October 8, 2010

Getting to Happy

I just finished Terry McMillian's new book, "Getting to Happy", and though it will not be my favorite book anytime soon it did make some key points.  This is the reason I really didn't like it was Terry took all four characters to their lowest point in life. Yes the characters are older, but the don't seem any wiser and she takes them to their lowest of the low.  Too the point that all four of them had hit rock bottom, and miraculously they all came out on top at the end, for the most part.  The hardest part of the book for me to deal with was Gloria and her loss. 

I'm not sharing anything else about the book because I don't want to ruin it.  Let's just say these are my take away points. 

1. As humans, we are all scared to fail, whether it be changing careers, finding a career, finding oneself.  No one wants to say that I tried to open a boutique and failed miserably.  Or I tried in my marriage, and ended up with the worst heart break in the world.  However, as we all know.  This just so happens to be apart of life.  My best friend Danielle, she is my inspiration because through failures, heartache, and let downs, she has continued to do what her goals lead her to do.  Have her own practice. 

2.  Get over it.  I know I am the last person to tell someone to let go and get over a boyfriend or the loss of a loved one.  I for one am probably holding on to several situations that were deeply traumatic.  HOWEVER, I need to get over it.  Yes I said it.  It is time for me to get over thinking about and remembering the hurtful times of past loves.  They sucked and there is a reason why they are no longer in my life.  Therefore it is time to let go.

3.  Make yourself happy.  Easier said than done right.  Not really.  I have been discouraged by many that doing things alone is highly discouraged.  Did you know that you are suppose to bring a date to a wedding.  I honestly had no clue.  Every wedding I have been too, I have gone alone.  Why, mostly because I don't want to inconvience my friends and I really don't have any men that I would actually take to a wedding.  Onto travelling alone.  Contrary to popular belief, it is one of the greatest treasures God has given me.  Being alone forces me to deal with me.  It helps me realize who I am.  For example, with friends, one will tolerate bad service, such as I experienced today at this little cafe.  However, alone, one is left to contemplate that this sucky ass waited will not be recieving any tips nor will this establishment receive anything from me.  Traveling allows a person to do whatever he or she wants without worrying about what the other person wants.  I have yet to find solitude with myself where I can sit along the Seine in Paris and watch couples kiss or just people watch.  But I have mastered the sitting in a restaurant by myself as well as venturing out alone seeing the sites. 

Well that's all right now.  Someday soon, I will explain how I have managed to get around Europe by myself, with the help of friends.


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