Monday, March 7, 2011

My Fault

I am so late.  But I have been up and about traveling.  Let's start with the Half Marathon....OMG  this is my new favorite activity.  Why, why would running 13.1 miles be so much fun.  I have no clue, but training and actually running it is totally different.  I dreaded the training.  I have no clue if it was the loop around outer loop at Fort Irwin that only measure eight miles INCLUDING the two mile course, but that run down Disny BLVD was amazing.  It was exhilirating, fun, and I had enough steam for 8 miles.  Then I started counting down knowing I had five miles left  So what does that mean.  I was in pain.  My achilles heel was not trying to extend fully, my feet just physically hurt and my legs were telling me BUY NEW RUNNING SHOES!!!!  But the race itself was so amazing.  All these women from all over in tutus, full length costume garb or what have you celebrating fitness.  I know how many minorities were there.  I did not say black people, I said Minorities....not that many, but we represented. I am blessed that I was able to share this first timer experience with my bestie Danielle.  Of course she had the boo boo tears talking about I never thought I would ever to do this.  Really!!!!  I didn't cry.  But for a moment I did imagine my mom on the sidelines cheering me on.  I'm not a cryer.  I try not to be an emotional person at all.

ON TO ST. LOUIS....LOVE IT  I hit all the hot spots, which include Imos, the Chinaman and saw some of the bestest friends ever.  I also realized a lot of crap while at home.  Though 5 days seems like enough, it is not, especially after you haven't seen your family in over a year because you were deployed to Afghanistan.  The best times EVER were seeing my mother's sisters Rose Anne and Patricia Thompson.  Why....because since she died, they have been my rock, them and Eddie.  We went to this japanese buffet which really doesn't seem like a big thing, but it was the greatest ever.  What do I cherish, corny dinners with my aunts.  Soul food cooked by my best friend's mother.  Oh I didn't tell you, Danielle's momma, the one I ran 13.1 miles with, cooked candied yams, greens and cornbread, mac and cheese, ribs, chicken and pork steak.  Oh how I will miss you.  Oh and I love you all and thank you Eddie for retiring. So what were my eye opening experiences....animals are mistreated and processed oh so grossly in order to feed the population.  REALLY!!!!  Fast food restaurants you just going to add ammonia to my food and think I don't know.  Taco Bell you think its alright for sand to just be all up in my tacos.  FDA, don't you think you should have some hire standards for food that the American population is consuming.  You right, I don't even have to partake in it.  So guess what.  That fast I was on has officially been extended.  The only time pork, beef or chicken will touch this big luscious lips   is when someone in my immediate family or Danielle's momma cook it. 

On to Seattle, I love that city.  My REI pack and Merrill running shoes that I absolutely have no desire to run fit right in.  OH and them crab legs and cod was off the chain.  This seafood habit will definitely feed my non beef, pork, or chicken habit.

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