Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

I have no clue if you ever got to the Europe side of the house, but it is wonderful.  Other than the racial profiling I endured in Germany due to my short frizzy hair cut (I know I need some oil in my head) everything is wonderful.  I know I am your daughter and I am so proud.  You know how I know I am Shirley Jean Jackson's daughter.  Because on less than 24 hours of sleep I wandered around Paris, France, a completely foreign country with just a train station map.  Of course I made some mistakes, such as I bought 12 days worth of tickets versus the one I should have bought.  Who knew that one ticket could last you the whole day, you know the Bi-State in St. Louis all you get is a transfer.  Anyway, I walked through the Louvre, took picture of myself and all the randome stuff I will probably not remember the name of.  What's funny is I remember when you took me to the Art Museum in St. Louis, and we visited the Egyptian portion.  Yes, mother, that is the first place I went here in Europe as well.  I remember you buying me this little Egyptian kit for kids, I made a necklace, it had some of the scribe paper and everything.  I thought about that today.  I also thought about how I was watching animal planet, and recognized, that I am becoming my mother's child.  Yes, I was fascinated by the howling dogs of New Guinea, and the venomous snakes of who knows where.  You would have been so proud, and probably a little scared.  I pretty much just hopped on and off trains at random spot to see random things.  Okay not random things, but I know you are watching out for me.  Mostly because I am here.  I walked in the rain and LOVED IT.  I almost saw Napolean Bonaparte's tomb, but I refused to walk all the way back to Museum L'Armee.  I was on Champ Elyssees and walked the wrong way.  I know my stubborness and the fact I think I know it all, kills me all the time.  Instead of walking up the street to the Arc de Triomphe I walked towards this damn military museum.  Aww well, there is always tomorrow.  And I know I have enough tickets.  I was scared before I got here, but I embraced Paris like it was St. Louis.  I walked around this place like I owned it.  I even tried some of the local food.  I hate CREPES and red wine.  AND WHO THE HECK PUTS EGG IN THE MIDDLE OF A PIZZA!!!!  IT was great it was wonderful, and I owe my free spirit all to you.  Now I know why you chose to live life solo, it is so much fun, not having to wonder if you are entertaining your mate.  Just as long as you are entertaining yourself.  I love you and miss you.  No tears, but this trip is all for you.


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