Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The List

Everyday I run across something I want in my future husband.  And I here the old heads say, it is important to write it down, and put it in the bible.  That way God will answer your quest.  Well, in all honestly, I have no clue what I want, however here is a brief list of what I have observed....Some of it is superficial but some of it is not.
Loves God, but does not criticize or judge me for my liberal attitudes
A man will fly me to come see him because he just wants to see me
Vacations to anywhere and everywhere (he should probably come up with the destination) I am so indecisive.
Likes to cuddle
A little taller than me and cute
Not fat!!! (I am not sorry....)
Wants to get out and help people
No baby momma drama
My age
Loves adventure (ATVs)
NOT A THUG!!!  But can handle his own when it comes down to it.
I will update periodically, as I run across things that spark my eye

Sitting in Kuwait it's hot as hell
How come every other desert it is a pleasure to dwell
Hopeing to delay my impending trek
Across Europe with a bunch of strangers
and loads of clothes to pull across the continent

Oh how I can't wait to blow this joint,
because I hate, I loath, I am just so disappointed at what I have become
A lowly staff slave subjected to power hungry grunts
jealous of what i am and what i am to become

You take my degree to seriously
It's just a Bachelor's from the Hudson Institute of techonology
But your jealousy has yet to affect me,
because your ambitions are different from my dreams

In your world of a totalatarian dictatorship, I just hope my afro can blow in the wind
as i help little poor babies get healthier

That's my wrap for the day.

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