Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's A Test

I firmly believe that every test God has put my way pertaining to men and relationships, I have failed.  Up until now.  Since my big six years ago, I have fell to the temptation of lust and the fleeting hope of a potential relationship.  This happens by falling for the wrong person.

So why is today, at the tender age of 27 different have I actually decided to let the no good dirt bags go.  It's probably because I finally just got a clue, or maybe that I am not really attracted to them.  But probably because they don't have anything to offer.  Case in point, I met this guy who seemed to be nice, seemed to want everything I wanted.  All he wanted was sex.  And he carried on asking for sex for about  months.  Why is this important.  Because I said no.  I told him, we don't want the same please leave me alone.  Has he finally gotten a clue.  No not as of yet.  However, I remain optimistic because his pressure on me is not turning me on, but more pissing me off. a very good sign. 

Why can't you just let me go
Don't you get tired of begging for the candy, when you don't even have enough cash
Why can't you understand that I need more than just a temporary solution
Please go run your game on another new arrival in country, because I am tired

Your obnoxiuos suggestions that I prefer the va-JJ rather than the stick is just annoying and childish
I have desire to be more than just the cause or effect of any conversation you hold with your boys.
All I want is to be a distinct memory of what could have been instead of what can be,
which is really just a piece of ass

Let it go,
I know it's hard
this thick thighs, this pretty smile and oh so natural beauty that many females wish they had
but try, because I have already let you go,
And next time you try to knock on this door  or any other door of opportunity,
please make sure you come correct


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