Wednesday, September 29, 2010

European travels

I know when people backpack across Europe the have a true backpack. I can't do it. I love my rei roller bag slash backpack. After walking 30 miles around a mountain o refuse to carry anything over a couple of pounds on my back. Of course I felt a lote self conscious with my big ass bag while everyone else has there huge backpack and it is cumbersome going up and downstairs buts it rolls. That is what is so great. The wheels. Maybe I do need to learn to pack lighter. I obvoiously don't need the computer and iPhone and laptop. Lessoned learned pack light. But I do need a bigger coat. And a bag with wheels. I love Europe and I think I will learn a new language in order to become more
marketable and be able to communicate with the populace. Either way I love Europe. I love america and how patriotic it is but I love the sense of being an individual in Europe. Amsterdam tomorrow.

For ome reason my hair is acting real funny. I guess because I look at everyones hair and assume mine is or is not like theirs. I am going to get it together and be happy with me because in the end that is truly all I got

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