Sunday, January 2, 2011

Free Spirited

There are places I need to go.  Have you ever seen Cities of the Underworld, on the Discovery Channel?  The Discovery Channel is AWESOME!!!  It has spurned a buttload of google searches about possible travel destinations.  I think the Discovery Channel does that anyway.  But there are things I must do, and places I must see before I leave this world.  My aunts and uncle will say that I got the traveling bug from my mom.  She pretty much has lived all over the world.  From the Philippines, to Thailand to Korea.  She has been there.  I don't know too many black people, or people that just leave their family to live in a foreign country.  But I am willing to do it.  Even though I currently sit here in comfy comfounds of an American Military Base here in Afghanistan, don't you want to explore what the world has to offer.  After googling, Afghanistan, apparently there aren't too many things here in Afghanistan to see.  So below are my top 10 destinations I NEED TO SEE.  They are in no certain order...however, I believe that Israel may be my next stop in MAY!!!  And no, I am not trying to go to any of these places for enlightenment such as in the critically acclaimed move, Eat Pray Love.  However, like the protagonist in the movie, I have always dreamed of traveling to far off countries versus having a house full of children.  The friend in Eat Pray Love was correct, "Having a child is like getting a tattoo on your face, you kind of have to be fully committed.

1. Israel - and all the religious sites inbetween.  Who wouldn't want to see where Jesus walked and taught his most famous teachings
2. Egypt - Pyramids!!!
3. Ethopia - I know it sound weirds, but there are Christian Jews who live here who have carved churches into Mountains...LITERALLY.  And then there is a castle dug into the ground.  Amazing what the human mind can do
4. Africa - I know...Africa is a whole continent.  But I really just want to help poor little babies in this area of the world. 
5. Thailand - Have you seen those beaches...they look amazing.
6. London
7. Scotland
8. Ireland
9. Australia / New Zealand - I have to get back to see my Louise
10. India - I just threw this one in here....but the land of yogis....let's do it

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