Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Too Much Limited Time

I laid on a massage table here in Afghanistan....wondering about many things.  The one thing I focused on was the state of music.  DON'T JUDGE ME!!!  That's why this entry is titled too much limited time.  I got too much time on my hands in my last few days here in Afghanistan.  Anyways, I was told a couple of days that my musical taste is a little different from everyone elses.  I had to think about that.  Are my musical tastes really that much different from the regular black person.  I have come to the conclusion that yep, they probably are.  My musical library includes everyone, from Bon Jovi, to Aerosmith to Jay Z and Luther.  But I have my limits.  If I am going to spend $12.99 on a CD then I am only going to buy music from people that I really want to support.  What does that mean?  There are no CDs in my collection that resemeble the briefly sampled auto tune from artists such as Souljah Boy or T-Pain.  I don't pay money for cds that talk about slanging drugs, women giving blow jobs or all the fancy trappings the lifestyle of a rapper afford talentless human beings.  So what does my musical collection include.  People that sing my story and help me get over the loser from last week, or are basically just soothing music after a long day of work.  Casey and I don't want a party in our house.  We want something that I can cook dinner with and sip a glass of wine too.  For some reason anyone with the stage name Lil or Yung, is not going to accomplish that for me.  Not to say, that I don't give all artists a chance.  I mean, I have listened to Marques Houston's Matress Music...for some reason it is very hard for me to imagine little Immature boy talking about turning me around and slapping and doing whatever else he thinks will please me.  Plus, those artists with cds, i may use some of your track to get me through thouse excruciating runs.  Tight beats...that what the Keri Hilson's of the world are good for.  But Jazmine Sullivan can help me hate that dude who treated me bad, I can proclaim that yes...he gets on my damn nerves and I don't want his ass.  

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