Saturday, January 1, 2011

Same me just some self improvements

1. Run and finish the Disney Half Marathon
Danielle and I have been training for this since probably October 2010.  13.1 miles seems really easy doesn't it.  I mean, a mile really isn't that long, says the person who has never actually had to run a PT test, or actually done an ounce of excercise in their life.  A mile really isn't that short.  1/4 quarter of a mile takes about 2 to three minutes to complete.  A mile, dependent upon your comfor level can take you from 4 minutes, (the elite runners) to 10 minutes (me...the snail).  Now of course I can run a mile in less than ten minutes.  I'm in the Army, and expected to, but there is a high level of anxiety and discomfort when I do it.  Therefore, taking on the daunting task of running 13.1 was not a easily arrived at goal.  However, weekly I have been running in order to accomplish this goal.  I am half way through, and up to about 16 miles per week.  My eating habits have not really changed however.  Why, you may ask?  Because in Afghanistan, I am limited to the food they give me, sometimes that is hot wings and sweet potato pie, other times it is a salad, three days in a row.  I really haven't gotten the nutrition thing down, however, I have dropped some weight, and the running seems easier.  Well, that was before the whole box of sugar babies i ate this afternoon. DAMN Aunt FLO!!!!

2. Maintain at least a 3.0 GPA in Nursing School
As much as I can't contain my excitement, Nursing school is quickly approaching.  What does that mean.  Time to get my nerd on.  Unlike Undergrad, I am completely prepared for what lies ahead and my future.  While in undergrad, I had no clue the impact of GPA on my future.  That's why, I got out of the Academy with a 2.5, and I have struggled to have people accept that though my GPA is low, I am still an intelligent person.  I may lack in the common sense department, but that's because the Army took it out of me.  That's not my fault.  School starts 23 MAY 2011, and I can't wait.  I can't wait to meet my classmates at Villanova nor start my new career.  Starting over, is definitely a scary task.  Everyone makes leaving the military seem like a such horrible thing.  Don't worry, I encountered this while at the Academy as well.  Apparently, without the military I am doomed to fail.  Really, because I know tons of people who are not in the military, who are excelling.  Not to mention, there personal life is not as stifled as mine is right now.  And by stifled I mean, the following things.  You know how normal people go out to happy hour during the week to let off stress and such, well in the Army, the location of bases makes that a little hard, since they are usually located in the arm put of America.  There is also the same clothes I must wear everyday, and the same shoes that hurt my feet.  What I will miss though is the benefits.  Access to free birth control, I don't understand why more military folks don't use it, though sometimes waiting for an appointement feels more like waiting at the free clinic.  The pay, I was guranteed a paycheck twice a month, no matter how much or how little work I did.  I am going from getting paid twice a month, to not at all due to going to school.  Hell no I'm not working during my 14 month vacation at school. 

3. Understand that the things that I want in a man cannot be compromised.  If he does not want a relationship then I need to keep it moving.
This is a HUGE one.  Why.  Because as much as I hate to admit it, as a woman I have fallen for the trap of believing that even though a man says he doesn't want a girlfriend, I feel I can turn him.  2011 is a different year.  Why you say.  Because honestly, I am tired of people using me.  For the past six years I have tolerated the whole, "I don't believe in relationships or labels."  At one point I even believed that bullshit.  Sorry, no dice this year.  No matter what you say, how good you look, or what you got going for you, I am not falling for it.  I don't care.  Sorry boos.  The other thing that goes along with this, dating all eligible people.  I know looks gets a person in the door, but none of the FINE ones make the cut.  The men that a woman always regrets not dating is the quiet nice guy, who takes his time to get to know the girl.  Who treats her like a lady.  Who takes care of her.  And who is cute, but really not your taste.  You know who I am talking about, your buddy ol pal.  We all have them.  I got tons of them.  I have just come to realize that they are more hubby material than the fine guys, who SUCK ASS!!!!  So, yes, I will be doing less thinking, and more dating.  Well, most of my thinking will occur on my runs where I tell me self, yep that cutey over there in the back...he cute but he a heart breaker, date his friend who is a little socially inept but will cut any many that tries to come at you the wrong way.
4. Don't be quick to anger.
I have the worse anger problem ever.  I allow other people's stupidity comments affect me.   It's genetic.  I get it from my momma, and everyone in my family knows.  I been to anger management, it is so bad.  I have come close to throwing chairs into doors.  I have thrown folks on tables out of shear pissed offness.  So what am I trying to do this year.  Not let people's opinions of me control my emotions.  So what if little ball of fire tells me to kick rocks, it's his loss anyway, he is the dumbass who doesn't understand not everyone bends for him, sometimes you gotta bend for your boo.  Another way to be slow to anger, is to surround myself with positive people, as well as remain open, honest and positive to myself.  It's easy for people to lie to themselves.  Hell, a lot of people lie to themselves everyday, saying that they love Jesus, their neighbor and other crap, that doesn't mean its true, it just sounds good.  Especially to the church folks.

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  1. I feel you on everything Soror! I say u r off to a good start on everything, good job at actually not only visualizing, but puttin it dow in writing as an action plan. Puttig it in writing may hold u accountable to some =)